BBB Warns About Suspicious Sites Selling Cheap NFL, NBA Jerseys

GREENSBORO—As Christmas approaches, many people are asking Santa to bring an NFL or NBA jersey.

But before you buy, the Better Business Bureau has a warning about some too good to be true sites claiming to sell them that could leave you with the holiday blues.

The BBB in Greensboro has been getting a lot of calls lately from customers with questions about websites selling NFL jerseys at some very deep discounts.

“NFL jerseys are not cheap,” said BBB director of communications & investigations Lechelle Yates. “Typically, on a real site, they sell for about $125. So if you see them online for $25-$70, you’ll want to think twice.”

“If you’re looking for something that you want to an authentic NFL item, and the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” said BBB president and CEO Kevin Hinterberger.

What the organization found is that customers are ordering from sites, like, and never receiving anything.

A red flag: They accept payment with Western Union and Moneygrams.

“If you pay that way and don’t get your product, you have no recourse,” Yates said. “With your credit card, you can at least contest the charge.”

The BBB says is another major offender.

A check of the company’s website shows an address that’s a for a private school in Ohio.

“If you’re using somebody you’ve never heard of before, check them out first,” Yates said. “You can always go to and look them up there, or you can do a simple Google search with the name of the website and company, and see what pops up.”

The BBB recommends directly buying through the NFL at its website:, or at a brick and mortar store, like Omega Sports. You should also look for an NFL hologram on the jersey.

“There will be yardage markers and so forth,” Hinterberger said. “It’s typically black with a hologram included on it.”

The BBB also recommends checking for spelling and grammar mistakes on websites that sell jerseys.

They’re usually a sign it’s not legit.


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